Web Development

 We offer an extremely comprehensive package of IT related services and products.
Some organisations have specific demands concerning the automation of their business processes. Demands that simply cannot be met by standard ‘of the shelf’ applications. And other organizations only want to use products that are ‘tailor-made’, making sure all their business processes are fully automated. In some cases, this may even be cheaper and works more efficient and cost reductive than a standard application. Tech2net has extensive experience with regard to the development of software and web applications. Ranging from complete ERP systems to specific Interfaces. Another aspect in which Tech2net has a lot of experience is XML. For instance in the case of data conversion. Every product developed by Tech2net offers its users many new opportunities. The opportunity to conquer new markets, increase their marketing effectiveness, work more efficient, reduce costs and increase turnover and improve services. Our developers have widespread knowledge of many languages (e.g. J2EE, .NET, PHP, C#), development methods (e.g. DSDM) and development tools (e.g. JDeveloper). Our ‘hands-on’ approach ensures you that your product will be delivered on-time and within the budget.

For many companies, the presence on the Internet is limited to somewhat of an online brochure of their organization. In many cases, this may be sufficient, but there is much more possible. The problem for many companies is that they do not know what they can do with their website and how to realize their online wishes and demands.

Tech2net is your partner to answer every question regarding the online opportunities for your company. We can realize all of your online wishes. In many cases, our Content Management System (CMS) forms the basis of your website and allows you to keep your content up to date and helps you to add new pages. But there is much more possible. What to think of a Support website, webshop, online community and much more. There are no boundaries to what we can do for you. You will be surprised by everything Tech2net can do for you! In some cases we work together with third parties, such as your software supplier or an advertising agency.

Do you wish to have a good online presentation of your organization and keep it up to date by being able to administer the content? Then Tech2net has a very special offer for you! We can build you a professional website together with a CMS, charges will be discussed during negotiation, You deliver us your images and logo and choose one of the four templates. We will then create your website based on this template and the images you have supplied us with. Nowhere else you will find such an offer!

Do you have specific wishes or demands with regard to the online possibilities or the design? No problem… Tech2net can make it happen.

Besides the technical realization of websites and applications, Tech2net can create every graphical design you may want. We can create designs for your websites, web applications, Intranet and extranet. Naturally, we can also make sure that the design will be translated into a functioning website, application etc. We can even create a new logo or corporate design.

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