How to Know If Someone Has Stolen Your Identity

How to Know If Someone Has Stolen Your Identity or your account!

Microsoft Regional Director Troy Hunt runs a website called Have I Been Pwned, which allows people to see if their username or email address has been involved in a known data breach. In this optional (but highly recommended) exercise you will check your accounts.

  1. Go to
  2. Check your email address(es)
  3. Check your normal username(s) (if you get results from a site that you don’t use, it just means someone else uses the same username)

If no results were found, good, but that does not mean that your personal information has not been stolen. This database only contains information that hackers have made public. It does not include the 3 billion Yahoo! accounts that have been stolen–which probably includes your information, and it does not include data from thousands of unknown attacks.

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