Network Solution

Your network is one of the most important parts of your organization’s infrastructure. It is what allows communication between all of your machines, your central servers, and the internet. A poor network can lead to poor productivity. We will design a network and installation plan that includes cable installation, hardware setup and configuration, network tests, and finally long-term proactive support.

We have worked with many types of organizations such as large office blocks, hotels, and multiple site offices.

We offer cabling services for the installation or expansion of either Cat5e, Cat6 or Fibre networks. We can also work with telecommunications companies to coordinate the installation of phone lines and fiber optic lines for both new and old builds to get you the best possible connection to the internet.

The network is the backbone of an organizations infrastructure and so we believe in proactive maintenance to your systems. This limits reduction in performance and potential downtime.  Regular network upgrades can also help to reduce potential network outages

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